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BikeFlights Bike Box Medium
Bike Box Medium

BikeFlights Bike Box Medium

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BikeFlights Bike Boxes make it easy to pack and ship your bike. The BikeFlights Bike Box Medium is perfect for shipping most gravel, road and cyclocross bikes, and it’s optimized for keeping costs low on both domestic and international shipping. It assembles to a size of 45 x 12 x 30 inches (114 x 30 x 76 centimeters).

Packing the BikeFlights Bike Box Medium is a simple process that typically includes basic steps such as removing your pedals, both wheels, your rear derailleur, your handlebars and your seat and seatpost. Exact packing steps will vary for each bike or frame.

BikeFlights bike shipping boxes reflect our experience of more than a dozen years of shipping bikes and more than one million shipments. 

Designed and rigorously tested to the ISTA 6A standard, the cardboard BikeFlights Bike Box offers confidence-inspiring levels of protection for your bike during shipping. It was originally engineered to withstand multiple drops of 18 inches and 36 inches, a horizontal compression force up to 229 pounds, a vertical compression force up to 1,732 pounds and sustained vibration while loaded up to 300 pounds.

Every BikeFlights Bike Box comes with an essential packing materials kit including the following items: 

  • 2 Splined dropout spacers (accommodates spacing for nine standard axle lengths)

  • 2 Foam triangles

  • 9 Pinch clips (1 extra)

  • 4 Axle protectors

  • 4 Bungees

  • 1 BikeFlights Sticker

Each essential packing materials kit may also include the following items: 

  • 1 UPS over 70lb warning sticker

  • 2 UPS self-adhesive pouches

For the best possible protection, we recommend also wrapping your bike’s tubes with cardboard or foam padding (not included).

The BikeFlights Bike Box Medium ships to you compactly at 45 x 12.5 x 6.5 inches (114.3 x 31.8 x 16.5 centimeters) so you can store it under a bed or in the corner of a closet before or between uses. Assemble it within minutes whenever you’re ready to use it.

To minimize environmental impact, every piece of the box’s package becomes part of the bike box when built, so there is no packaging waste. The box is sealed using biodegradable plastic pinch clips so you don’t have to use shipping tape, and the box is recyclable once you’re finished with it.

The cost of ground shipping this box directly to you within the contiguous U.S. is included for free; however, you are responsible for the costs of all other shipments using this box after you initially receive it. Upon receiving your box, be sure to keep the outer cardboard wrapper because it will become the divider for inside your box once assembled.

BikeFlights Bike Boxes are designed to protect your bike for two shipments, although we have found in our own experience that we often get more shipments per box. Service life varies depending on the duration of each shipment.

Check out these videos for more information:

Made in Oregon.

Box weight: 19 lbs (8.6 kg)

Suggested (packed) weight limit for this box: 65 pounds (29.5 kg)

Note: We can NOT ship BikeFlights.com bike boxes to APO, DPO, FPO or PO boxes or to U.S. Post Offices.

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