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SERFAS Bike Transport Case (SBT)
"The Value Bike Case"

SERFAS Bike Transport Case (SBT)

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SERFAS Bike Transport Case (SBT) - BEST VALUE
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"The Value Bike Case"

The SERFAS Bike Transport (SBT) is the successor to the Serfas SBC bike case designed to compete with popular Trico Iron Case and the Thule 669 Round Trip. Like those bike travel cases, the SBT has a clam shell design, a tough outer polyethylene shell, 3 foam sheets and internal straps to reduce movement and buckle and strap closures. But where this case leaves both its competition behind is that it was designed just under the International Shipping Size Restriction of 130"/330cm (Size = L + 2W + 2H) so it is much cheaper to ship. That is huge, or should we say small for it which lowers your cost of ownership/use substantially and expands your shipping services. All while providing basically the same amount of interior room to pack. Say what? You heard me a product that was designed for real world use and to save you money. Nice work Serfas, your SBT is our best value bike case.

In review, the Serfas SBT features include:
  • Hard outer shell offer great protection over cardboard
  • Interior room to pack "most" bikes under 60cm
  • Exterior dimensions make it cheaper to ship
  • Inline skate wheels for one handed rolling

This case quickly pays for itself - get one today!

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