1. Case Rental 130

Case Rental 130

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Serfas SBT Case, Torque Wrench, Pedal Wrench, Wheel Bag, Shipping
Part Number: Rental130
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The BikeFlights Event Rental 130 is our most economical way to get your bike + gear to your next event. It is for riders without a case and who do not mind a little packing and reassembly. The Event Rental 130 is everything you will need to properly pack your bike and transport it to your next event. The bundle includes:
  • Rental of a Serfas SBT Bike Case
  • Rental of a Effetto Mariposa Pro Torque Wrench
  • Rental of an EVT Medieval All-Angle Pedal Wrench and Knuckle Saver
  • Rental of a wheel bag
  • Rental of nitrile gloves to keep hands clean
  • Ground shipping of the case and tools to you
  • Round Trip shipping of your bike + gear inside the case to your event
  • Return Ground shipping of the case and tools to BikeFlights
  • 1000 USD of liability coverage
Event Rental 130 supplies enough room to pack both your bike, tools and helmet in the same case. Availability of rental units is limited and rental requires advance shipping, so please book early to reserve your case.
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