CRATEWORKS Pro XL-C Plastic Bike Box
"The Economy Bike Case"

CRATEWORKS Pro XL-C Plastic Bike Box

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"The Economy Bike Case"

The Crateworks Pro XL-C Plastic Bike Box is our pick for the Best Economy Bike Case. It offfers a big step up from any cardboard bike box in terms of durability and protection. The Pro XL-C is constructed of corrugated plastic and thus is more resistant to impact and water (wetsuits, shoes, sweaty clothes, etc). The Pro XL- C exterior meets the 130 shipping size restriction yet is roomy inside to pack most road bikes, triathlon bikes or even a full suspension 29er. The Pro XL-C uses the layer packing method where both wheels are removed and separated from the rest of the bike with protective layers. One of the layers is a frame plate with tie downs to secure your bike during transport. Overall the case offers improved protection over an cardboard box and will hold up to more trips, but we wish it came with a fork block, rear drop out protector and foam tube wraps for even more protection.

  • Ultra durable external CORR-X construction with over 400 sq.inches of hook and loop fasteners at the corners
  • Internal CORR-X frame plate with multiple hook and loop tie downs
  • Includes protective liners, foam chocks and external H-Strap
  • Smart reinforced handholds
  • Meets shipping 130 size restriction
  • Outer Dimensions: 46x30x11 in (114x79x29 cm)
  • Inside dimensions of 44x29x10 in (111x76x28 cm)
  • Weight: 22 lbs empty
  • Folds flat when not in use

BIKE SHIPPING COSTS ships the Crateworks Pro XL-C across country for around $70 and ships it to to Europe for around $325.

Buy It:  If you ship your bike in re-used cardboard boxes and want better protection and to lock in low shipping rates.

Forget It: If you lack the mechanical skills or the desire to pack your own bike.

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